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Flexible products in energy sales


Energy buyers today are faced with increasing demand to buy energy on a price-oriented manner. Tranche-based energy purchasing is a way of spreading price risk over multiple purchasing times.

As an energy purchaser, you can use different models to automate sub-volumes or acquire manually at a fixed price. If forecasts change, the quantities already acquired can be adjusted downwards using return sales.

Energy buyers today must respond flexibly to the customer demand for procurement at prices close to market prices and offer corresponding products and services. This also means that energy procurement and billing for these products are much more complex than for fixed-price products. As the standard billing system, SAP IS-U does not offer any processes to map the procurement and billing of tranches. Market-relevant CRM systems also do not provide a solution. TRANCHE.easy by Sopra Steria shows the tranche ordering, tranche back selling and tranche billing processes.

Accepting a relevant offer will create a tranche book in TRANCHE.easy, which will receive the necessary tranche data for ordering, back selling and billing.
TRANCHE.easy also supports forward market, spot market or OTC tranches as well as horizontal and vertical tranches. TRANCHE.easy can also be seamlessly integrated into your CRM system, portfolio management and/or SAP® IS-U. You yourself determine the specific structure for the process and tranches.

The price and quantity data of the tranches created via TRANCHE.easy are provided to SAP IS-U billing via an interface. Further billing components such as a tolerance level, a third party delivery or a feed-in can be combined as per your requirements.

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