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SAP® add-on IFRS16.easy

Software to implement IFRS16 and ASC 842 in SAP®


Are you done with IFRS16

Benefit from our experience from many projects to implement the new leasing standard with our SAP Add-On IFRS16.easy and save yourself a place in our live webinars with our experts or use our free video offer:

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From 2019, the much criticised option to map short-term leasing agreements off the balance sheet using what are known as operating leasing contracts disappears without a replacement. Only low-value agreements can be treated purely as an expense. This means leasing becomes comparable with credit-financed asset purchases once more. With our IFRS16.easy application, you can deal with these comprehensive changes effortlessly.

Specially developed for SAP NetWeaver® platform, IFRS16.easy is integrated into your system environment and assists you in implementing compulsory IFRS16 leasing standards in SAP – from drawing up the agreement through to the accounting entry.

Range of functions

IFRS16.easy is a custom-configurable standard solution which is flexibly incorporated into your system environment and can be used to handle standard leasing agreements and complex business transactions appropriately. A pre-configured set of business transactions can be used for different individual purposes to keep costs and time required for implementation within limits. Variable leasing contracts, sale-and-lease-back transactions and sub-lease agreements are just a part of the extensive calculation portfolio on offer.


Maximum automation in each step of the leasing process ensures that the solution is freely applied alongside your day-to-day operations. Both catch-ups and automatic transfer from IAS17 to IFRS16 are effortlessly automated for you.

Data acquisition

Enter your contractual details manually in IFRS16.easy or import them directly into the tool using the existing interfaces. Subsequent modifications, additional capitalisations, data storage and archiving also form part of the comprehensive range of functions.

Data management

IFRS16.easy uses automatic classification to analyse agreements according to IAS17/IFRS16 and USGAAP AC GAAP 842 requirements. Internal validity or integrity checks are also conducted to maintain high data quality.


Let IFRS16.easy calculate leasing liabilities and their discharge. The tool will also calculate the right of utilisation and its depreciation in the following periods for you. Agreement modifications, agreement re-assessments and automatic conversion from other currencies do not pose an obstacle for the process.


IFRS16.easy does not require any special entry system and is thus easily integrated into the existing accounting process. The process remains unchanged – only expenses are corrected in line with IFRS or US GAAP.

System requirements

  • SAP NetWeaver® 7.02 SP13
  • OData Services from NetWeaver 7.4


  • Solution for lessors and lessees
  • Easy recording of all relevant leasing details, including classification
  • Integration of IFRS15.easy
  • Differentiated treatment of non-leasing components in the agreement
  • Agreement calculation – usage right, depreciation, leasing liability, interest, discharge
  • Agreement modifications taken into account
  • Automatic entries for invoices, interest, discharge and amortisation in SAP® ERP systems or accounting record exports for external SAP® and non-SAP® applications
  • Sub-leases
  • Gross or net method to represent the right of usage
  • Index-based rental contracts
  • Sale & leaseback
  • Options and agreement re-assessment taken into account
  • Tenant fixtures
  • Costs for dismantling
  • Management of small-ticket leases and updating of their statement of rent
  • Optional pure posting in general ledger or in general ledger and asset accounting
  • Direct integration of SAP FI-AA
  • Generation of notes and automatic reclassification according to timeframe
  • Mapping of various valuation principles, e.g. HGB, US-GAAP per configuration
  • Optional transition in the application from IAS17 to IFRS16
  • Aspects such as data security, data integrity, audit trail and archiving are covered by the use of standard SAP functionalities.

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    Fully integrated IFRS16 implementation
      2.0 MB (PDF)

    SAP® add-on IFRS16.easy – customized range of functions


    • Lessor
    • Lessee
    • Sub-Lease
    • Modification
    • Index
    • Catch-up
    • Sale & Lease back
    • Reappraisal
    • FX-Appraisal
    • Budget-Reporting

    Core Services

    • Monitoring
    • Change Documents
    • Audit-Trail
    • GOS-Services
    • Filing


    • CSV-Import
    • Visions
    • Rollback


    • SAP FI/CO
    • SAP FI-AA
    • Maturities
    • Gross-Method
    • CSV-Export
    • Disclosures


    • Agreement import from CSV data
    • Import of interest or currency rates from CSV data
    • Export of accounting journals via CSV
    • Direct or RFC connection of SAP GL, AM, CO

    Sopra Steria services

    Sopra Steria will assist you with highly qualified IFRS-certified teams, which implement IFRS16.easy within short project cycles. It can be implemented on your SAP ERP systems on-premises or implementation can be provided as a private cloud. Implementation allows you to benefit from networking of different IFRS16 project teams and our cooperative partnerships with leading auditors.

    • Software installation and basic configuration
    • Assessment of requirements and transfer into technical design
    • System configuration
    • Testing and training support
    • Go-live support and after-sales support

    Licences and maintenance

    • Transparent licence model/one-time fee for corporate licence/number of user-based/tailored to requested range of functions with purchase option for functions
    • 2nd & 3rd level support/care services for SAP support packages and/or SAP releases/optimisation/further development to meet statutory requirements

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