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Dynamic invoices for SAP IS-U


Our SAP IS-U product solution BILLING.easy gives you the possibility to bill your dynamic products efficiently, smoothly and automatically without additional interfaces.
BILLING.easy is a SAP® add-on, which can be integrated into your existing SAP® IS-U effortlessly. It is operated and maintained with the functions already installed for the SAP® IS-U system.

BILLING.easy can integrate any form of characteristic curves in the price calculation based on the determination of prices which are generated and delimited dynamically depending on indices:

  • Indices up to a granularity of one minute
  • Curves acquired from external systems, such as weather and building data
  • Creation of alternative costs for all curves used
  • EDM profile in direct access (read and write in SAP®)

Prices are completely set and an index is fully integrated into a product using a formula logic in the same, familiar way as with spreadsheet applications. Copy and paste is available from the table calculation into SAP IS-U.

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